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Green EnviroTech Holdings, Corp. (GETH)
is a pioneer in sustainable development projects.  We intend to integrate and commercialize proven technologies, and pioneer proprietary technologies to convert waste into valuable products and help to protect the planet.

About Green EnviroTech

Our planet faces many environmental pressures today, chief among them is an increasingly urgent need to re-use waste and clean up the environment. The GETH Technology Solution addresses two of the most pernicious waste streams facing humanity; end-of-life tires and unrecyclable waste plastics.


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We humans discard approximately 1,000,000,000 used tires every year. This adds to the millions of tons of discarded tires that have been piling up around the world with minimal disposal solutions or re-use options readily available. These used tires present significant health hazards to the communities where they are found because they collect rainwater and become breeding grounds for disease carrying rats and mosquitos. They are also prone to catching fire, and when they do they are extremely difficult and costly to extinguish, and they can burn for years releasing huge plumes of toxic smoke containing carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.




Across the entire economic spectrum, from ‘developing’ to ‘developed’ nations, we humans generate on the order of 130 million tons of plastic waste every year. With plastic recycling rates hovering just under 10%, over the last decade we have deposited more than 1 billion tons of waste plastic either into landfills or it has ended up littering the landscape. To make matters worse, our oceans are becoming the largest landfill on earth. Scientists estimate that by 2025 our oceans will contain 250 million metric tons of plastic trash. The environmental impact of this problem is enormous when you consider that 60% of the protein consumed around the world comes from the ocean.

Our planet faces many environmental pressures today, chief among them is an increasingly urgent need to re-use waste and clean up the environment. The GETH Technology Solution addresses two of the most pernicious waste streams facing humanity; end-of-life tires and unrecyclable waste plastics. Learn more about the global waste challenge here.


In the midst of all the dire statistics on tires and plastics choking landfills and littering the landscape, there lies enormous opportunity. This opportunity comes from our ability to convert these waste materials back into their constituent parts, specifically high-grade oil, and in the case of tires, carbon black and steel – all of which have significant value and markets that are readily accessed. By reintroducing these materials back into the supply chain we intend to not only clean up the environment but also decrease the volume of new material that needs to be produced, thus reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing carbon black (from bunker oil or coal), or extracting and refining crude oil and smelting steel.



Each GETH Processing Plant is expected to be constructed using a 52 ton-per-day unit called a ‘Cell’ as its basic building block.

  • A typical Gen 1 tire processing plant with a single ‘Cell’ is expected to be capable of processing up to 1,500,000 end-of-life tires per year and producing approximately 6,000 tons of carbon black, 51,000 barrels of oil, and 1,800 tons of steel from that feedstock.
  • A typical Gen 1 plastic processing plant with a single ‘Cell’ is expected to be capable of processing up to 33,800,000 pounds of waste plastic per year and producing approximately 99,000 barrels of oil.



Our system has minimal environmental impact due to the closed loop system design – the syngas can be captured and reused to generate electricity instead of being flared off. Our process is designed to be odor free and VOC free with operating noise levels at less than 30 dB, or the equivalent of a whisper in a quiet library.

Generation 1 of the GETH Technology Solution is an integration of several independently proven technologies that differentiate us from other common pyrolytic conversion operations in that we believe we will produce a significantly higher grade “blend stock” oil as well as valuable carbon black and steel.

One Cell Processing Waste Tires:
Outputs and Ratios:


  • 45% by weight of oil
  • 35% average by weight of carbon black
  • 10% recovered steel wire
  • 10% syngas

One Cell Processing Mixed Plastics:
Outputs and Ratios:

  • 85% average by weight of oil
  • 13% average by weight of syngas
  • 2% average by weight of carbon black

Smart Fuel Solutions, Inc. is an operating company whose team has nearly 50 years combined experience in the waste recycling sector. We are majority owned by Green EnviroTech Holdings (GETH), a Northern California based pioneer of processes that convert used tires and waste plastics into valuable products.
Headquartered in California, GETH was founded in 2008 by Gary De Laurentiis, an industry veteran and award winning plastic recycling process designer. The proprietary patent pending conversion process uses established pyrolysis technology with additional technologies added. After four years and $5.5 million dollars of research and development, the “GETH Process” has been independently reviewed and validated. The GETH Oil has been fully tested and approved for purchase by a major oil company.

Green EnviroTech is part of this new field of innovators, and by challenging our preconceptions of waste and energy sources, we see a future where access to energy is universal. This is a global problem and opportunity.

The GETH Process to convert mixed plastic and tires to oil uses electromagnetic pyrolysis to produce GETH Oil, carbon black, syngas, and steel. The use of electromagnetic pyrolysis facilitates faster processing while causing no environmental impact. A standard twelve-module plant, utilizing six systems for plastic and six systems for tire conversion produces approximately 25,000 barrels of oil per month. The GETH oil does not need to be processed a second time and can be blended into most products produced at a refinery.

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Corporate Team

Mr. Gary De Laurentiis
CEO and Chairman

Mr.De Laurentiis has a number of successful company launches, including over 35 years of industry experience in development of incubator technologies from concept to reality. Mr. De Laurentiis was Eco2 Plastics’ founder in 1999, won Popular Science “2009 Top 100 Innovations” award and the coveted “Best of What’s New” award in the Green Tech Category. He raised capital in excess of $26M over 9 years for R&D, left to start Green EnviroTech in 2008. Most recently, Mr. De Laurentiis has assembled a team of industry, environmental, engineering and financial experts to develop the Green EnviroTech projects in Northern California, and then expand the technology on a national and international scale.


Wayne Leggett
Vice President, Finance

  • 40 years of financial experience
  • Former Assistant Treasurer for the Goldfield Corporation
  • Former Partner in the public accounting firm of Hamrick, Leggett & Associates
  • Former CFO of Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp.
  • BSBA from University of Central Florida

Smart Fuel Solutions, Inc. Management Team:


Chris Bowers, CEO

  • Seasoned team leader with a track record of inspiring small, highly capable, well supported teams to achieve exceptional feats – based on Special Forces experience
  • International entrepreneur : founded and led Middle East office; initiated and grew strategy and transformation consulting practice – Partner at Hay Group
  • Worked at the highest level in large global high tech companies on company strategy, M&A and integration, and in Board Committees – Chief of Staff at Applied Materials; Advisor to CEO, Philips Electronics
  • Strategic Advisor to Stanford Hospital
  • Board member of Center for Science, Technology, and Society and Solar Sister
  • Mentor to entrepreneurs from around the world


Gary De Laurentiis – Business Development

  • 35 years’ of business leadership experience
  • 24 years’ experience in recycling
  • Started and led several successful companies in the plastics industry Plastics II, RPX Corp., ANEW Corp., ECO2 Plastics
  • Winner of Popular Science “2009 Top 100 Innovations” award for ECO2 Plastics Technology


Nick Drobac – Project Management

  • Six years consulting on waste-to-energy projects
  • Co-founder and former ED of The Clean Oceans Project, an environmental non-profit focused on plastic pollution remediation in the marine environment
  • Project management and sales experience on large-scale commercial construction projects in the SF Bay Area
  • Graduate of Santa Clara University and Santa Clara University School of Law


Charles Cronin – Carbon Solutions

  • Experienced industry leader, entrepreneur and adviser to the pyrolysis industry
  • Investigated and carried out due diligence on multiple tire processing technologies
  • Operated multiple pyrolysis plants and validated the products from different technologies
  • Substantial research and development of how to position end products into market
  • Multiple pyrolysis product placements of oil, steel and carbon black
  • Sourced carbon black finishing processes and customers


James Klein – Engineering

  • Extensive experience in operations management in process/manufacturing industries and operations restructuring as well as the design/engineering and construction of production facilities
  • Key personal involvement in several joint venture initiatives in East Europe and New Zealand
  • BS Chemical Engineering University of Wisconsin
  • Graduate BA – Finance University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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