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Pocket Games, Inc. PKGM is a new force in Video Games, aiming to bring together some of the industries key and influential figures to create a Company that delivers the very best in PC and Mobile gaming to the fast growing gaming community.

The Company modus operandi is to acquire fantastic IP, build brands around that IP and bring other Companies into the fold, in order to have a powerful base from which to succeed.

Pocket Games acquired Viximo, a social game platform in February of 2016 which was developed in 2008 when venture capital groups infused 20 million into the platform. Viximo targets the social media gaming community, allows video games and game developers to sell their games in countries such as but not limited to: Japan, India, China, Russia and South American markets. These are games the developers would not have an opportunity to sell in these regions normally without this amazing platform that Viximo offers. Viximo will realize an 18% profit for all games on the platform and will be able to house hundreds of games at any given time.

Pocket games has also acquired the game “Idol Hands” which is due to be launched later this year, Idol hands was originally developed by the software giant, Intel. Classified in the God game genre, Idol Hands will be available on all various game platforms this year to maximize revenues.

Pocket Games also has an Indian based testing services unit named “Godspeed Gaming Solutions” which takes other companies games or apps and tests them for additional revenue streams.  The benefit of doing this offers companies a 40% savings over standard United States companies offering the same services. It is pretty clear that Pocket Games is a force to be reckoned with in this space and is here to stay.


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Key Personnel:

David Lovatt, Chief Executive Officer and President


David has held numerous senior positions with high tech companies since 1999, rising from Commercial Management to ‘C’ level positions with various Gaming and Technology companies and now is Chief Executive Officer at Pocket Games, Inc. having sold a Mobile Phone Security company to GFI Security along the way. He has focused his career on building successful technology Companies, initially in IT Security and, more latterly, in the Entertainment space.

Over the past decade, his job responsibilities have taken him all over the globe, from the Far East, through Europe and to the United States. He understands how companies can and should operate and enjoys a successful track record in building profitable, accountable and reliable technology companies.


Joseph Nejman, Board of Directors

A global Entreprenuer, Nejman is the co-founder of the mobile shopping platform ShareRails, powering social and conversational commerce applications. As an Entreprenuer in residence for Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures, Nejman led seed investments in startups, including Maker Studios, which was purchased by Disney. He also co-founded the Tomorrow Media incubator to focus on social commerce.


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