Social Dentention, Inc. (SODE)

Social Detention, Inc. (OTC:SODE)  is in the business of building infrastructure. It has a long history of successfully winning contract awards for itself and for other parties. The company intends to grow through the acquisition of some of these very parties it has helped win awards.

The president, Mr Robert Legg intends to leverage his long standing connections in the industry to build a network of small providers into a collective work force that will be able to be awarded multi-million dollar contracts as a sole source provider.

The company has been successful in winning contracts from $1-$5 million for its partners and intends to build on those successes with its acquisitions to grow sales from within, instead of for outside parties to gain contracts in the multi-millions.

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Social Detention Inc.

3000 F Danville Blvd. Suite 145

Alamo CA 94507

Phone: 925-575-4433


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Robert P Legg II President

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