China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding, Inc. (Stock Symbol: CBGH)

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This Company can become a Major Player in the Billion-Dollar Global Cleaning & Freelancer Services Industries: & TidyCall (Stock Symbol: CBGH).
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On-Demand Home Maintenance Services via Innovative TidyCall™ Mobile App.
Goal to Become a Major Player in the Hundred-Billion-Dollar Global Cleaning Service Industry.
Launched Revolutionizing Freelancer Services and Catalyzing Revenue Growth. Platform Creates an Unparalleled Ecosystem Where Skilled Freelancers and Service Seekers Converge.
Two Industry Seasoned Executives Appointed to Propel Company Growth.

China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding, Inc. (OTC: CBGH), with its wholly owned subsidiary TidyCall Inc., is a prominent Canadian company headquartered in Markham, situated in the Greater Toronto Area. CBGH, specializing in offering on-demand home maintenance services to mobile-device users through its innovative TidyCall™ App is dedicated to revolutionizing the way homeowners address their household needs.

CBGH/TidyCallhas a new vision to unleash the revolutionary potential of its TidyCall™ APP3.0 to expand its business scope from Cleaning Service to the full spectrum of Home Services. With the enhanced TidyCall™ App3.0, the company will provide customers with a one-stop solution for all their home-related needs, including home cleaning, roof repair, household appliance repair and installation, plumbing repair, garage door repair, electrician services, and small-scale renovations.

CBGH provides mobile-device users on-demand services (residential & commercial) information and access through its proprietary TidyCall™ App. There are two versions of the CBGH/TidyCall™ App available for download: TidyCall User™- for consumers who use commercial Cleaning Services (CSUs), and TidyCall Provider – for approved Cleaning Service Providers (CSPs). Individuals interested in becoming a TidyCall CSP can now apply at

With an increasing growth in demand for sharing economy services, CBGH/TidyCall™ is following the footsteps of other highly successful companies operating as a sharing economy, such as Uber Technologies, Inc. and DoorDash, Inc. Capitalized on its visionary management team and proprietary technology, the CBGH/TidyCall goal is to become a major player in the hundred-billion-dollar global cleaning service industry.

CBGH/TidyCall, understands the importance of having a reliable handyman to care for the client’s home. CBGH/TidyCall was founded on a mission to deliver affordable and top-notch services that homeowners can confidently rely on. CBGH/TidyCall takes great pride in its team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to assisting homeowners in maintaining and enhancing their living spaces. 

CBGH Unveils Revolutionizing Freelancer Services and Catalyzing Revenue Growth

On August 21st CBGH,in partnership with its wholly owned subsidiary, TidyCall Inc., introduced the groundbreaking freelancer hiring platform, This visionary move not only opens new avenues for revenue but also marks a transformative leap in the freelancer services landscape. emerges as a dynamic platform bridging the gap between freelancers and service recipients. Initially catering to the greater Toronto area and soon expanding to Vancouver, followed by other Canadian cities and eventually throughout North America, this platform creates an unparalleled ecosystem where skilled freelancers and service seekers converge.

The CBGH fusion of with TidyCall App results in a harmonious partnership. As the CBGH/TidyCall App continues to redefine on-demand home maintenance services, seamless access to’s freelancer talent pool ensures a steady stream of proficient professionals spanning diverse domains – from cleaning and electrical work to home appliance repair and plumbing. synergistically complements the CBGH/Tidy Call holistic approach, offering a unified platform catering comprehensively to all home improvement needs. A pivotal goal is to transform 60% of registered Wechax freelancers into active service providers on the TidyCall App.

User convenience takes center stage on By navigating through categorized services and inputting location specifics, users effortlessly connect with nearby freelancers. The CBGH platform’s intuitive design empowers users to gauge the proximity of freelancers to their service requirements, facilitating well-informed decisions.

The CBGH site empowers freelancers through a spectrum of membership options. From the entry-level General Membership, granting access to the bustling platform, to the competitively priced Premier Membership at $9.95 per month or $99 per year, freelancers tailor their engagement for maximum visibility and perks.

The CBGH/TidyCall’s latest milestone,, signifies a strategic leap into future growth avenues. With its inherent ability to tap into the dynamic freelancer economy, emerges as a pivotal instrument shaping the future of service provisioning.

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CBGH Appoints Key Executives to Propel TidyCall’s Growth

On August 7th CBGH in conjunction with its wholly owned subsidiary – TidyCall Inc., announced the appointment of two vital executives to lead its expansion and technological innovation.

Joining the CBGH/TidyCall team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is Mr. Andy Kuo, an accomplished professional with extensive experience in network engineering and app architecture and management. Before his entrepreneurial pursuits, Andy led teams in designing and building networks for esteemed telecommunication companies such as Geneva System Canada and TransGlobe Communications. With over 20 years of expertise in designing and managing voice and data networks, Andy Kuo’s exceptional leadership and expertise in IT and app architecture should be instrumental in propelling CBGH/TidyCall forward in the rapidly evolving communication technology sector. His vision aligns seamlessly with the CBGH/TidyCall mission to create user-centric, innovative communication solutions that enhance connectivity and productivity for businesses and individuals alike.

Additionally, Mr. Jeffrey Pai assumed the role of CBGH Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), bringing a wealth of knowledge in economics, commerce, and marketing to the table. Leveraging his expertise in statistical and data analysis, market research, and his experience as an e-commerce entrepreneur, Mr. Pai will spearhead CBGH/TidyCall marketing efforts. His proficiency as a professional actor, live-streamer, and content creator, combined with strong social skills, will empower him to serve as a Community Manager, fostering engagement and enhancing the CBGH/TidyCall community.

Willie Hsu serves as the President of CBGH/TidyCall and is responsible for developing and implementing marketing, as well as strategic management, team building, integration of resources and business development.

Willie Hsu is also the CBGH/TidyCall Founder/Director/App architect, developer of other sharing economy on-demand apps such as MobileSalon– an app offering C2C beauty services, and CellMove – an app offering C2C moving services. Prior to founding Modern Apps Corp and TidyCall, Willie served as the Canada Regional Sales Director of a Forbes 500 company (Forever Living Products) for 22 years. Over the years, Willie became an exceptional leader with strong experience bringing talented people together and leading the Toronto branch to achieve Top Performance in North America for 10 consecutive years. 

Willie Hsu graduated with a degree in Mathematics from York University. His persistent habits of mathematical thinking allowing him analyze  and solve problems efficiently. Willie’s detail-oriented and systematic approach in his endeavors has helped attain him success throughout his career as an entrepreneur, leader, and manager.

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