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Lithium Mining Company Set to Meet Rising Demand from Western Nations to Challenge China in the Battery Minerals Market;
2 Years of PCAOB Qualified Financials Completed;
For more information on CDSG visit: https://titanlithiuminc.com

Lithium Mining & Natural Resource Projects in Tanzania and Nevada.
Completed 2 Years of PCAOB Qualified Year End Financial Statements with Subsequent SEC Form 10 Filing Being Made for Investor Transparency.
Company Set to Benefit from New Economic Initiatives Being Launched Between US and Tanzania.
Latest Geochemical Samples from Tanzania Project Showed New Positive Lithium Eesults and Averaged 4,600 ppm Lithium.
Current Project Extends Large South Lithium Zone 2.5 KMS West with High Grade Results.
WEL Project in Nevada is Comprised of 24 Unpatented Lode Claims.

Titan Lithium, Inc. (OTC: CDSG) is an emerging company based in Nevada. The CDSG principal activity is acquiring and developing opportunities in the natural resource sector and complimentary technologies.

Craig Alford, MSc, PGeo, and CEO of CDSG, a Qualified Person under NI 43-101, noted “The results from the initial geochemical sampling are staggering. The size and strength of the Lithium anomaly at Titan 1 is particularly exceptional as it is within an area that has had no previous exploration and both sample lines ended at their northern limit within some of the highest grades of up 2.79% Li2O. These very strong results are being followed up by ongoing sampling and exploration on the Titan 1 Project area.” More results will be announced in the coming weeks.

Rigorous Quality control of the samples was maintained and all samples were prepared and analyzed at the independent and ISO 9001 certified African Minerals and Geosciences Centre (AMGC) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

As part of the work on our largest Project, Titan 1, two lines of surficial geochemical soil surveys were collected over a section of the nearly 115 square mile (300 sq km) central Prospecting License (“PL”). The lines were run approximately Northwest-Southeast and spaced 3 kms apart.

Results from both lines returned very high Lithium values over extensive distances, two zero values were returned from each line, however, the positive geochemical results indicated lithium values ranging from 100 ppm to highs of 13,000 ppm with average values of 0.55% Li2O (2,569ppm Li) over 7.4 miles (12 km) for the westernmost line and 1.14% Li2O (5,300ppm Li) over 3.7 miles (6 km) for the eastern line. Values for sodium, potassium, magnesium broadly mirror and confirm the distribution of the anomalous lithium values. Potassium oxide (K2O) values ranged as high as 3.6% in the results.

The Titan 1 PL is centered over a vast, sparsely vegetated, flat lying ‘playa’ covered by a thin layer of alluvium overlying volcano-sedimentary basin fill. The area is morphologically and depositionally somewhat similar to the company’s WEL project claim area, containing mudstones much like the TLC project (American Lithium Corp.)  and the Thacker Pass (Lithium Americas Corp.) projects of Nevada.

The CDSGproject is part of a Definitive Agreement with Kilimanjaro Lithium Inc., a private corporation domiciled in the United Republic of Tanzania, whereby CDSG has the exclusive right to earn up to a One Hundred Percent (100%) interest in two large Lithium projects, Titan 1 and 2.  Presently, the company has already fulfilled the requirements for 80% of the total earn-in on both projects.

To simplify the business descriptions of Titan Lithium (CDSG) and Barrel Energy (BRLL), and how they associate with each other, CDSG is our lithium resource holdings company and BRLL is our technology company. Management of both companies are very excited to continue the announcements of advancements into Lithium resources, especially, in sharing the completion of the agreement relating to our claystone extraction technology.


CDSG has now completed 2 years of PCAOB qualified year end financial statements. Subsequent to the filing of these audited statements, CDSG will be filing a Registration Statement on Form 10 (“Form 10”) before the end of April with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to register its common stock under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, (the 1934 Act). The Form 10 filing provides information on the CDSG strategy and its historical financial data. Upon its effectiveness, the CDSG will be subject to the reporting requirements of the 1934 Act, which will include quarterly, annual and current reports, as well as proxy statements, to be filed with the SEC.

“We are confident our proposed registration with the SEC will provide a number of benefits to the Company and its shareholders, including increased visibility, enhanced access to the capital markets, and deeper liquidity for its stock,” said Harp Sangha, Chairman of CDSG. “We believe we have discovered some truly massive Lithium resources and optimizing corporate effectiveness will allow us to help further these exceptional battery-metal projects.” 

Mr. Sangha added “This has been a very active year for the Company and for Tanzania’s critical mineral industry. On a recent visit by the U.S. Vice President, it was made clear that the U.S. and Western governments are challenging China’s dominance in the African continent for battery metals. As well, in the month of February, Tesla signed an agreement under which it will purchase between 17,500 to 35,000 tonnes per annum of Anode Active Material (AAM) from Tanzania.”

New US Initiatives to Strengthen Economic Ties with Tanzania

On March 31stCDSG reported the announcement of several new economic initiatives between the U.S. and the Republic of Tanzania.

Recently Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, visited and spoke in Dar es Salaam, the country’s commercial capital. During the visit by the VP, several initiatives were announced between the two nations, several of which will have a positive effect on theCDSGTitan Lithium projects. “Working together, it is our shared goal to increase economic investment in Tanzania and strengthen our economic ties,” Harris stated.

First on the agenda was a new memorandum of understanding between the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) and the government of Tanzania that will facilitate up to $500 million USD in financing to help U.S. companies export goods and services to Tanzania in sectors including infrastructure and projects within the clean energy spectrum.

Directly addressing minerals that support the fast-growing Electric Vehicle sector, the VP praised the innovation and ingenuity of the country and how well the government is working the with private sector. Tanzania will soon be the first African nation to have a facility for the processing of minerals for supplying the global electric vehicle battery market.  

CDSG Samples up to 1.96% LI2O at Titan 2 Project, Tanzania

On March 29th CDSG announced new positive soil geochemical sampling results from further sampling of the company’s expansive Titan 2 lithium property in Tanzania.

After the strong initial geochemical sample results that averaged 3,920 ppm Lithium, the CDSGtechnical team returned to the site and sampled a broader area employing regular spaced samples over a grid that covers 6.2 square miles (16 sq. kms).

With approximately half of the soil sample results from the grid in, CDSG noted that the new positive Lithium results averaged 4,600 ppm Lithium. The lowest positive value returned 900 ppm Li and the highest value, located near the center of grid, returned 1.95% Li2O (9,100 ppm Li) which was nearly identical to the previous high value returned from the area. Some nil values were encountered on the edge of the grid.

Rigorous Quality control of the CDSGsamples was maintained and all samples were prepared and analyzed at the independent and ISO 9001 certified African Minerals and Geosciences Centre (AMGC) in Dar es Salaam.

CDSG Extends Large South Lithium Zone 2.5 KMS Westward with High Grade Results Including 4.82% LI2O On Titan 1 Project

On March 13thCDSG announced strong Lithium geochemical sampling results from the continuation of the surface sampling program at the company’s huge Titan 1 lithium property in Tanzania.

As part of the CDSG follow up program designed to outline the boundaries of the expansive Titan 1 Lithium anomaly, extensions of the original survey lines were made to the north and south and new roughly parallel soil geochemical survey lines were added, such that the surveyed area now covers a 10-mile x 3.3-mile (16.3 x 5.3 km) area.

Samples were all removed from the B soil horizon, from a depth of 8 to 11 inches with the line orientation running approximately North-South.

The majority of results from the western-most line have returned. The addition of this line is beginning to show that there appear to be three distinct high-grade areas emerging from the survey, a north, mid and south ‘zone’.

This west line encountered nul to high grade values, with the high-grade values lining up with the locations of the three separate high-grade zones. Several new samples from the line returned values which averaged 2.64% Li2O (12,266 ppm Li) over 1.25 miles (2kms). The highest grade encountered on the western line area returned 4.82% Li2O (22,400 ppm Li).

CDSG has previously described the north central zone which remains open to the north, however, with the extension of the Southern zone it has become the largest, measuring slightly over 5 x 2.5 miles in extent, containing Lithium values that average 1.76% Li2O (8,177 ppm Li). This zone currently remains open to the east and west.


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