Xalles Holdings Inc. (XALL)

Xalles Holdings Inc. (Stock Symbol: XALL) Focuses on Acquisition of Disruptive Financial Services and Technology with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Applications

  • Exclusive implementer of U.S. Bank’s PowerTrack service, from first transaction to world’s largest transportation payment processing service ($20 billion annually).
  • First to implement an enterprise wide payment system within the U.S. Department of Defense, completed 2 years ahead of schedule.
  • First to design, develop, and host an independent MasterCard-branded system outside of the MasterCard IT infrastructure.
  • Implemented a financial transaction reconciliation solution within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (U.S. Coast Guard).
  • Multiple acquisitions to optimize company capabilities.

Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTC: XALL) is a holding company that focuses on acquisition and support of disruptive financial services and technology (fintech) companies. XALL actively seeks targets in which it can partner with or acquire to accelerate growth, targeting companies with solid management teams and business models, large total attainable markets, and lucrative exit opportunities. XALL places emphasis on leveraging blockchain technologies to provide industry-leading financial reconciliation and auditing solutions, which, over time, will allow for the capture of recurring revenue streams.

  • XALL to Expand Financial Accounting Compliance Automation & Risk Management Solutions with Protominds Acquisition

On February 4th XALL announced it will acquire Protominds, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Protominds Software Solutions Private Limited in a share purchase agreement.

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, and with offshore operations in India, Protominds is a leading fintech consulting and services company with a proprietary full-service regulatory cloud-based platform that offers reporting capabilities for post-audit financial transactions. The unified regulatory standards compliance solution is called FiNiCS, a financial accounting compliance automation solution aimed at helping enterprises optimize the cost of change involved with financial regulations with its compliance automation solution. Through its Regulation-as-a-Service (RaaS), enterprise clients are able to process large volumes of granular data and output risk reports to facilitate more meaningful analysis.

The Protominds acquisition perfectly complements and enhances the services capabilities of the company’s Crown Solutions acquisition and existing subsidiaries of XALL. The FiNiCS platform is a great fit with the XALL mission to grow its fintech product and services offerings. The acquisition will make Protominds a wholly owned subsidiary of VGR Technology Partners within Xalles Technology and adds a unique regulatory compliance automation & data analytics product to the company portfolio. The acquisition is targeted to be completed by February 28th.

  • XALL Outlines Enhanced Plan for 2021 Following VGR Acquisition

On January 26th XALL announced it had completed acquisition of VGR Technology Partners Inc. (“VGR”) in a share exchange agreement, previously announced on January 12th.

XALL has taken a major step towards executing against its 2021 business plan. The completion of the VGR transaction means that XALL now has a wholly owned subsidiary in VGR Technology Partners that will be acquiring profitable IT staffing, consulting and product development companies throughout 2021 and beyond.

VGR’s first acquisition was previously announced to be the group of Crown companies, namely Crown Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (based in India), Crown Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (based in the UK), and Crown Solutions, Inc. (based in the USA). VGR now has a pipeline of firms that could contribute over $100 million in annual revenue and over $25 million in annual EBIDTA. VGR’s leadership team is working towards securing additional acquisitions during Q1 of 2021.

XALL maintains its vision to be a top emerging growth fintech holding company. By aggregating synergistic portfolio companies, XALL seeks to extract efficiencies and build a powerful business for its shareholders. XALL ultimately aims to achieve successful exits for many of the rollup clusters over time while focusing on the areas of the company that can yield great results in 2021. Currently, XALL has Xalles Capital for asset acquisition and cryptocurrency trading, Xalles Limited for X2X system development and licensing plus payment auditing, Xalles Financial Services for consumer, business and government payment solutions, Xalles Technology for IT system-based companies, VGR for IT staffing and product development companies, and Gateway Innovations for a rollup of Fintech office parks.

  • XALL Announces New Executive Team Members

On January 14th XALL announced it had added key members to the senior management team.

XALL appointed Karen Nguyen as its Chief Marketing Officer. As CMO, Ms. Nguyen will lead the corporate marketing strategy and support each operating subsidiary through marketing tools, systems, and standards. Using 15 years of experience in key corporate marketing roles and consulting business, Ms. Nguyen will drive a focused agenda across the XALL portfolio.

Ms. Nguyen was previously head of Worldwide Partner Marketing for Western Digital. Where she was instrumental in launching channel marketing programs across 90 countries and managed teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Beforehand, Ms. Nguyen was part of the Global Strategic Alliances team at Experian Marketing Services that identified fintech acquisitions and performed due diligence.

XALL also appointed Everett Doolittle as the President of Xalles Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary. As President, Mr. Doolittle will apply his 25 years of fintech business development experience in his new role, responsible for leveraging the technology and intellectual property of the X2X system for financial transaction reconciliation to grow the licensing and payment auditing business.

Mr. Doolittle led the business development of a technology based, financial supply chain management and eCommerce payment system called “PowerTrack” for U.S. Bank which evolved to a multi-bank payment network in a joint venture with Visa called “Syncada”. He also launched the “Financial Services Offshore Practice” supporting finance related corporate back office functions for UnitedHealth Group, UnitedHealthcare and Optum. Both international initiatives re-engineered operations, systems and workflow, including the process of invoice processing, audit and payment.

Ms. Nguyen and Mr. Doolittle will be instrumental in helping XALL succeed as a fintech holding company, specializing in payment solutions and accretive fintech rollups. Also, in 2020, XALL announced that it would proceed with accounting and auditing work to enable the company to uplist to OTCQB (Quotation Board) as well as offer shares through a Reg A+ public offering. The accounting and auditing tasks are now planned to be completed as soon as possible.

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